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ediTRACK transforms supply chains by helping organisations to cut costs and lead times through increased efficiency, quality and compliance. We’re committed to helping our clients get optimum visibility and control of their supply chains through providing cloud-based supply chain management solutions. We’ve created a set of quick-fire Q & As to explain who we are and tell you how our software can help you save time and money.

Q. Who are we?

A. We’re a provider of cloud-based supply chain management software and we’re committed to simplifying our clients’ supply chains. We do this by providing process integration and visibility of business intelligence on a platform that enables real-time collaboration. Clients come to us when they’ve identified a lack of visibility in their supply chains that is leading to inefficiencies.

Q. What does our software do?

A. It provides retailers and service providers with complete visibility of all supply chain processes, from claims management for insurance companies and sourcing, product development, shipment and delivery for retailers. It provides ‘one version of the truth’ for everyone involved at every stage in a supply chain, minimising the possibility of delays, errors and ethical trading issues.

Q. What supply chain products do we have?

A. Our main supply chain product suite is called ‘Lighthouse’ and this is used by retailers to track, measure and improve key milestones in their supply chain including; sourcing new products, selecting suppliers, auditing factories, range planning, product development, shipment and delivery. We also work with insurance companies to deliver web-based software solutions to help them improve their claims management by improving the sharing of information with their multiple suppliers, partners and agents.

Q. Who is ediTRACK-i?

A. Our subsidiary ediTRACK-i is a specialist insurance software and consultancy who provide web-based risk management software to the insurance industry. The company was launched in 2012 and is made up of a small team of insurance professionals who have many years experience working at executive level in the industry. We are working with them to build innovative insurance products and their latest product ‘Milan’ is a web-based claim’s processing solution designed to help insurers manage volume claims processing efficiently and cost effectively. 

Q. How can ediTRACK help your company?

A. Every company can benefit from improving quality and compliance whilst also cutting lead times and reducing costs. Our software product ‘Lighthouse’ can help retailers do just that by tracking and measuring your processes, highlighting inefficiencies and improving communications. It essentially provides all parties with access to a singular version of real-time data; in other words, you can give all the key stakeholders in your supply chain access to the same information, with no room for anomaly. Using our software will give you real-time access to data including range plans, factory and supplier audits, product orders, shipment requests and deliveries, so you can have the best chance at ensuring your products and services are delivered to the right place, at the best time, price and quality.

Q. Does our Lighthouse software take long to implement?

A. Our software comprises of easy-to-implement modules, which are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing processes. We usually estimate 1-4 weeks for full implementation depending on the client’s supply chain set up and customisation requirements. 

Q. Is training provided for using the software?

A. Owing to the ease of usability, very little training is needed – but yes, we provide on-line help tutorials as standard with our products and we do provide in-house training where necessary.

Q. Who uses our software, and why do they use it?

A. Our clients range from fashion retailers to pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Any supply chain set up can benefit from visibility-enhancing software; even the simplest supply chain experiences delays, cost inefficiencies and difficulties with suppliers.

Q. Is it used by big companies or small companies?

A. We cater for retailers as well known and varied as M&S and ASOS, and for smaller set ups with simpler supply chains. Whether an organisation is small or large, online, bricks and mortar or omni-channel, our SCM software works for all supply chains.

Q. Why is our software ‘in the cloud’?

A. Software hosted in the cloud is accessible from anywhere, by any authorised personnel. This means that data can be stored and accessed in real time, meaning your supply chain activity can be determined and controlled from multiple touch-points by multiple users. If you use our software it also means the customer doesn’t need to worry about or maintain any hardware as the software is provided as a service.

Q. How big is the company?

A. Going strong since 2001, ediTRACK has firm financial foundations and is made up of a team of 35 people and is growing year on year. We are also part of the larger group ‘Allport Cargo Services’, a logistics company founded in 1963 with a worldwide turnover exceeding £600 million.

Q. Have we won any awards?

A. In recent years we have won two awards. The first was the joint AXA award ‘Claims initiative of the year’ in 2009, awarded as a result of  AXA’s enhanced claims fulfilment service through the implementation of ediTRACK’s software, and the second was the Supply Chain Technology Award in 2011 in recognition of the advanced capabilities of our supply chain software, Lighthouse.

Q. How can you find out more about our supply chain management solutions?

A. You can check out our website here for more info, or better still – get in touch. We’re on Twitter, and LinkedIn or you can give us a call, or visit us in person.


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Supply chain software company delivering web-based tracking solutions to help retailers and insurers manage suppliers and processes from; Sourcing, Sample Management, Ethical Trading, Product Development, Order & Shipment Management and Delivery.

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