Archive | May 2013

What does our logo mean?

ediTRACK white background - CopyediTRACK is a logistics software system that implements an event-based process to manage an entire chain of transactions. This is a very powerful concept that can be used to solve many different business problems. When we designed the logo we wanted something that would show this.

So first, we squared the circle to indicate a transformative process. From left to right, we started with a circle and ended with a square. An ‘impossible’ feat, done. Read More…


Where does the name ‘ediTRACK’ come from?

There is a huge amount of information in a supply chain. From the manufacturer, component supplier, the producer of the raw material, right the way through to the final customer, everyone has some information about a product. Sharing that information will inevitably reduce the costs to everyone involved.

That is the key realisation behind the supply chain management technology that we know now as ‘ediTRACK’. Read More…