What does our logo mean?

ediTRACK white background - CopyediTRACK is a logistics software system that implements an event-based process to manage an entire chain of transactions. This is a very powerful concept that can be used to solve many different business problems. When we designed the logo we wanted something that would show this.

So first, we squared the circle to indicate a transformative process. From left to right, we started with a circle and ended with a square. An ‘impossible’ feat, done.

Within the typical supply chain process, there are a number of events, each of which is a unique shape and is a discrete concept (for example: an order, an invoice, a payment). The implicit connection of each shape illustrates our ability to interface with any system; square pegs, round holes and everything in between.

And finally, we used the colours of the rainbow to re-enforce both the diversity and consistency that is inherent in all our products and applications. With a fond nod to Maureen Lipman, it encapsulates “All the colours, all the sizes”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG7rrW8brnQ


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About ediTRACK

Supply chain software company delivering web-based tracking solutions to help retailers and insurers manage suppliers and processes from; Sourcing, Sample Management, Ethical Trading, Product Development, Order & Shipment Management and Delivery.

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