Get the right fit and quality with streamlined sample management

In the drive to cater for fast fashion many retailers choose quantity and speed over quality, skimping on their sample management process to reduce their costs and get items onto the shop floor faster. In turn, many consumers have become accustomed to poor quality and ill-fitting garments, simply binning items at the first signs of wear and tear. Thanks to the cheap prices, they can afford to do so. No wonder so many people grumble about the quality of clothing from many modern clothing manufacturers today.

Every product sample from a supplier has an associated cost, and sampling errors that require additional sample transfers can potentially increase the cost price of a style. Retailers have to watch their overheads and getting the samples right first time can only be achieved by improving the efficiency of their operations, the visibility of their sample management process and the level of collaboration between their buyers, suppliers and technologists.

ediTRACK’s sample management tool gives retailers an alternative to skimping on the sampling and design process. With its clear communication system and comprehensive audit trail, the single-point-of-reference dashboard makes sampling and sizing faster and easier. It provides:

  • Improved supplier analysis, communications and collaboration
  • Better product quality, which results in fewer customer returns
  • Better visibility of the product development process
  • A single point of reference for all data
  • Fewer fit samples and reduced sampling costs
  • Traceability – audit trail of fit samples and full amendment history

The sample management tool provides a single dashboard where users can collaborate, access data and record comments in real-time. It automatically generates sample measurements each time a new style is delivered, enabling the team to perform quality checks much faster. All critical path milestones are entered through ediTRACK’s web-based sample management software ‘Lighthouse’, so all participants in the process have instant access to all the measurements, previous fit comments and photographs.

Lighthouse is the name of ediTRACK’s complete end-to-end supply chain software product suite. The Lighthouse dashboard is highly visual, showing everyone’s tasks clearly. It automatically files ‘critical’ and ‘expected’ tasks, making it easy for the retail team to see what’s important and what to do first. Retail management teams can also monitor lead times with the Lighthouse reports. Technologists, buyers, assistant buyers, and buyer admin assistants can all consult one system to see what’s going on. Lighthouse makes it easier to keep things moving, and ensures that everyone is accountable for delivering the style on time, and in the correct sizes and at the right quality.

With a better system in place for the suppliers to receive the fit comments and the measurements online, retailers are able to monitor sampling tightly. This will help improve overall product quality and ensures fewer customer returns and possible future lost sales as a result. The sample management tool from Lighthouse can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your retail supply chain, ensuring you get the perfect fit and quality for you and your customers.


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Supply chain software company delivering web-based tracking solutions to help retailers and insurers manage suppliers and processes from; Sourcing, Sample Management, Ethical Trading, Product Development, Order & Shipment Management and Delivery.

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