Clothing giants throw their weight behind SCAP 2020 green pledge

The future is bright for sustainable textile supply chains 

Every year, millions of pounds’ worth of clothing still ends up in landfill in the UK. Topline data from WRAP indicates that UK supply chain waste stands at 6.5 Mt (million tonnes), with retail and wholesale waste making up 1.6 Mt of this amount.


However, this morning SCAP revealed that Tesco, Next and Stella McCartney are the latest of several retailers, suppliers, charities and recyclers to sign up to its 2020 commitment targets, which will see a 15% reduction in carbon, water and waste to landfill, in addition to a 3.5% reduction in waste arising (per tonne of clothing).

SCAP signatories represent 40% of the UK clothing market, and if these targets are met by 2020, the carbon, water and waste savings will be radical; edieWaste calculated a carbon saving equivalent to removing 250,000 cars from the road, 170,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of water savings, and 16,000 tonnes less waste created.

As 40% of the UK clothing market begins or continues to ‘sustainablise’ its supply chains, how long before the rest of the UK clothing market follows suit? Through the reduction in waste, water and carbon, and the use of lower-impact fibres, the SCAP signatories will not only be helping the environment but also saving money during manufacturing.

ediTRACK has witnessed a huge shift in the textile industry towards sustainable supply chains already, with retailers from John Lewis to New Look implementing our ethical trade module into their processes over the past few years. We anticipate this shift to accelerate as more retailers become aware of the benefits of sustainability, not only for the environment but also for their bottom lines.


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