Sainsbury’s leaves Tesco and other rivals floundering in sustainable seafood survey

Last month, Sainsbury’s drew attention to rival Tesco’s caged hens’ eggs in a price comparison advert, and this month it has once again proven its sustainable credentials by topping a Marine Conservation Society survey of UK supermarket seafood – a survey which Tesco notably declined to participate in, despite having the highest UK supermarket market share of seafood.

Sainsbury’s came joint first with M&S in the survey, closely followed by The Co-operative and Waitrose in second and third place respectively. Sainsbury’s has the second-highest market share of seafood – proof that sustainability isn’t just for small independent retailers, but can be profitably implemented into a supply chain strategy on a large scale.

MSC fisheries officer Samuel Stone applauded Sainsbury’s: “This survey is great news for Sainsbury’s. They have the second highest market share of seafood behind Tesco and have managed to join M&S at the top for the first time. They now have the best seafood policy in place, great consumer information and a very good proportion of seafood that is certified or rated well by MCS.”

Maintaining traceability and visibility in supply chains is key to upholding sustainable practice. MCS identified IT constraints as a key factor making traceability harder to achieve for many retailers. With a cost effective end-to-end software solution such as ediTRACK’s Lighthouse, retailers can quickly and easily achieve supply chain visibility and traceability in their supply chains. Lighthouse also has an ethical trade module, which specifically assists retailers in improving the visibility of supplier selection and other critical processes influencing sustainability.


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