Light up your supply chain with Lighthouse

There’s never been a better time to gain fuller visibility and control of your supply chain. Supply chain disasters have dominated the industry news for months, from last year’s dreadful Rana Plaza collapse through to the more recent issues with toxic chemical traces found in certain clothing brands.

ediTRACK’s Lighthouse software gives retailers fuller visibility at every stage in their supply chains, from supplier selection through to delivery management. It provides one version of the truth to stakeholders at every stage of the process, and enhances collaboration and productivity as a result.

Here’s a breakdown of the Lighthouse product suite:


Determined to source ethical suppliers who won’t let your supply chain down? Lighthouse’s sourcing product allows you to simply yet comprehensively manage your products, suppliers and budgets in one place. It captures factory information and related audits, and automates factory risk ratings – making it easier for you to select the most reliable, ethically sound suppliers. Product planning in line with budgets is also easier, as costs can be calculated from a single product database. Budget allocation itself is simpler to manage with Lighthouse’s reporting function.

Product development

Is collaboration a struggle with multiple buyers, merchandisers and technologists? Lighthouse’s product development product is a centrally integrated solution which gives everyone one version of the truth, with automatic notifications and alerts, and work in progress reporting, making collaboration simpler and quicker.

The sample management module within this product allows you to create tailored critical paths, with management for the entire lifecycle of each product. Lighthouse also provides order integration, and grading and quality control.

Order management

Track all order activity in your supply chain with Lighthouse’s order management product. Real time accessible data for suppliers, freight forwarders and admin helps to ensure orders are produced and shipped in time.

Shipment management

Track and manage the movement of goods with Lighthouse’s shipment management product, which provides automatic updates of shipment statuses. Respond faster to changing market demands with real time visibility.

Delivery management

Improve warehouse efficiency and overall delivery management with Lighthouse’s delivery management product, which enhances visibility of goods in-transit.


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About ediTRACK

Supply chain software company delivering web-based tracking solutions to help retailers and insurers manage suppliers and processes from; Sourcing, Sample Management, Ethical Trading, Product Development, Order & Shipment Management and Delivery.

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