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Is there a possible black hole for retailers when it comes to Ethical Compliance?

Logistics and Ethical Compliance

Could retailers be missing an ethical compliance black hole?

We believe there’s a ‘Black Hole’ with regards to monitoring the ethical compliance of retailer’s third party logistics providers.

Increasingly, retailers are turning their attention to their end-to-end supply chain processes and working hard to audit and improve working conditions in their supplier factories and sub-factories, all the way down to their cotton mills and farms.

However, we think there is a critical element that’s being missed.

What happens during the handling of goods once they’ve left the factory gates?

Our group logistics company Allport Cargo Services’ have made it their duty to improve and measure ethical compliance when handling our clients’ goods. It’s the only logistics provider who is a member of the retailer-led Ethical Trade Initiative.

Allport Cargo Services also has its own Ethical Compliance Programme in addition to using the latest Ethical Trade Management software to underpin the management of the process, to ensure a fully transparent and compliant supply chain.

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