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Delivering supply chain software – the sexiest job in the world?

Delivering software - the sexiest job in the world?

Working in supply chain software is a sexy job!

Having recently read an article [1] about how working in supply chain management was possibly the sexiest job in the world, we couldn’t disagree with the convincing points made.  However, it did lead us down a slightly new path of thinking…if supply chain management is one the sexiest professions in the world?  Then delivering software to help manage supply chains must be off the scale in terms of hot!

So, with this in mind, we’ve adapted the story somewhat and we’d like to take a few moments to convince you, that in fact, working in supply chain software, could be a lot more thrilling than you might believe.

Good supply chain software gets your business in the best shape!

Supply chains are the backbones of successful companies and good ‘supply chain software’ is essentially the ligaments, tendons and nerves connecting the backbones together. Having the latest supply chain software provides the best posture and enables your supply chain to be in the best shape it can be.

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