New features available now in our latest supply chain ‘Lighthouse’ software release!

Lighthouse 2.9 for Web We are pleased to announce the new release of ‘Lighthouse’ which is our supply chain management product suite aimed at the retail sector and their partners. It includes ‘out-of-the-box’ software modules designed to help organisations efficiently manage their end-to-end supply chains. Read more about what’s new and improved! Lighthouse is ediTRACK’s supply chain management product suite aimed at the retail sector and their partners. It includes ‘out-of-the-box’ software modules designed to help organisations efficiently manage their end-to-end supply chains. Modules are designed to manage organisations processes from sourcing, product development and ordering, right through to shipment and delivery to store. Our client base includes retailers such as; ASOS, John Lewis, Monsoon Accessorize, Mint Velvet, Allport Cargo Services and New Look and we’re pleased to announce that we have released a new version of the software ‘Lighthouse 2.9’ so that all of our customers can benefit from new and improved features. Lighthouse version 2.9 includes significant enhancements to the features and tools included for the following six modules:

  1. Supplier Set Up
  2. Ethical Trade
  3. Sample Management
  4. Quality Control
  5. Order Management
  6. Shipment Management

Read on to learn more about the enhancements for each module:

Supplier Set Up module – new features!

Supplier Set Up has been upgraded in Lighthouse 2.9 to include ‘easy to print’ supplier and factory profiles. The module maintains its strict security settings so we can promise that any financial information or sensitive data is excluded in order to reduce risk and ensure compliance with data protection laws.

  •  Easy to print supplier and factory profiles
  • Strict security and data protection

A New ‘Configurable Questionnaire’ feature has been included which allows users to set up, export results and manage questions to include specific assessment requirements. It’s now simple for retailers to assess suppliers and factories against ‘Technical Quality’ and ‘Ethical Trade’ requirements as an example. The Questionnaire feature is easily configured directly by our clients at no extra cost to them, as we appreciate that these areas are constantly evolving and require regular modifications.

  • Configurable Questionnaire for specific requirements
  • Easy export of data

We have an improved tool which is designed to manage the process of approving and on-boarding of successful suppliers. The tool enables clients to work with new suppliers in an efficient, structured and visible way. Clear information regarding supply terms is quickly shared and made visible to all required parties which aids successful partnerships from the very first moment a supplier and retailer engage with one another. We continuously take on board the feedback from our clients and we strive to provide them with the most intuitive user interface so that our software becomes fundamental to our clients business processes. Enhancements and benefits included with the recent update include:

  • Improved screen design.
  • Additional search options.
  • New tool to enable swift acceptance or rejection of supplier applications.
  • Improved visibility and sharing of supply terms.
  • Aids successful partnerships.

Ethical Trade module – new features!

Lighthouse 2.9 brings additional enhancements to our Ethical Trade module which has received a number of upgrades within the last 12 months. Regular updates have occurred due to the intensifying spot light being shone on ethical compliance within the retail industry in addition to the feedback we have received from our retail clients as a result of active use and collaborative product workshops. Due to the rising high profile topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility and the need to meet Ethical Trading Standards within retail and other industry sectors, ediTRACK are dedicated to ensuring that we continue to expand our Lighthouse Ethical Trade module. We strive to provide our customers with maximum visibility of their manufacturing supply chains and to ensure that every linked stage within the production supply chain process can be tracked, audited and improved. Our vision is to provide an all encompassing Ethical Trade module for our customers that can be used to audit entities all the way back to origin raw material sites, cotton farms and mills. We have improved usability through enhanced screen design as well as focusing on the following key areas to ensure complete transparency:

  • New ‘Supply Chain Tier Tree View’ – this is an enhancement to the management and visibility of relationships between suppliers, factories, sub-contractors and other entities providing complete transparency of all connections within a retailers supply chain.
  • Instant Dashboard Views and Reports – Improved dashboard views and exportable reports provide bottom up and top down hierarchical views of any specific supply chain process. Details against all supply chain relationships are instantly made visible.
  • New ‘Event Log’ for Audits – the management of audits has been extended to include a configurable ‘Event Log’ for additional interventions, such as Spot Checks and Technical Audits. These can be logged along with details about any action that is required as a result.
  • Exportable Corrective Action Plans – Corrective Action Plans recorded and tracked within the module can now be exported. This provides a much easier reference to statistics and documentation which helps to support the planning of ongoing strategies and the designing of specific improvement projects.

Sample Management module – new features!

Lighthouse 2.9 includes some quick win enhancements to its Sample Management module which provides retailers with critical path management from the first receipt of a sample through to final production seal. Customers use Sample Management to create tailored critical paths that can be used to track sample orders for any department, product type or sourcing region. As a result they benefit from a more efficient sample management process producing high quality fitted products with shorter lead times so that new ranges can reach the shop floor as quick as possible. Enhancements to Lighthouse 2.9 include new and advanced search functionality. Tools within the module include these improved search options to better support and manage the fast paced ‘Fit Sessions’ that are inherent to organisations within the high fashion industry. Users can now more efficiently plan for ‘Fit Sessions’ by pre-selecting products in advance in Lighthouse and making these visible to the relevant people who prepare the subsequent Fit Sessions. Members from these ‘Fit Teams’ are then able to organise physical products to match the order of products selected onscreen so that both are in sequence and the products are ready to be ‘Fit’ in the same sequence as soon as the Fit Session begins and the clock starts to tick! This enables retailers to get through more items increasing productivity and the accuracy of data recorded in each session.

  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • Improved planning for Fit Sessions
  • More products fitted per Fit Session
  • Increased accuracy of Fit Session Comments

Quality Control module – brand new!

In Lighthouse 2.9 we have released a brand new module ‘Quality Control’. It can be used as a completely stand alone quality management tool, or it can be used as part of a wider product development approach in conjunction with the Lighthouse Sample Management module.

  • A new stand alone module.
  • Can combine and integrate with Sample Management.
  • Can integrate with Order, Shipment and Delivery Management.

The purpose of Lighthouse is to provide visibility, help you automate your business processes and manage by exception. The Quality Control module does this by alerting you when inspections need to be co-ordinated and carried out. The user dashboard includes traffic light alerting so it’s easy to see what actions are required and when. The Quality Control module can integrate with Lighthouse logistics modules including; ‘Order Management’, ‘Shipment Management’ and ‘Delivery Management’. It’s capable of tracking and managing inspections and linking data from pre-shipment Purchase Orders. Quality Inspections can easily be managed off-shore and at source, or even during specific shipments and deliveries of a product. Quality control is highly configurable module so that an organisation can decide exactly where in their supply chain process they want the quality inspection to take place. Due to its configurable settings we can tailor each implementation to suit each of our clients’ individual requirements. Based on ISO standards for AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) the system allows each client to set what their acceptance levels should be. The module then calculates the required sample size and quantity to be inspected based on quantities ordered or available from the production run.

  • Manage quality inspections by exception.
  • Alerts you when inspections are required.
  • Can be implemented at any point in your business process.
  • Based on ISO ‘Acceptable Quality Level’ Standards.
  • Configurable acceptance levels in line with your business.
  • Automatic calculating of sample size and quantity.

Recording inspections is made easy as all information is available in one central system. It provides visibility of the history of inspections by product. If the Sample Management Module is also used for your business it can pull in comments relating to the fit of a garment, any annotated images recording during live Fit Sessions as well as detailed information such as the development of graded specifications. A key feature of the Quality Control module is its ability to categorise and classify faults that determine a quality failure. This feature enables the automatic pass of failure of an inspection and triggers the next set of actions to be taken as a result. Managers can optionally approve inspection results in addition to the inspectors pass or fail. To ensure that the management of failed inspections are monitored and visible to all parties involved in the process ‘actions’ are assigned to specific user groups within the system. These ‘actions’ then appear on relevant user dashboards and process workflows. The information advises the owner of the ‘action’ and prompts them to confirm once complete. All ‘actions’ within the module are configurable. Actions can be anything from; re-inspection, re-work, return to sender or a referral as a few examples. Within the configuration, a flag can be set by each ‘action’ where a ‘new’ inspection is required, which will push the product through to an entirely new but ‘linked’ inspection process. As with all Lighthouse modules, the flexible reporting features of the system are available. These include operational reports that can be scheduled and flexible ‘Create Your Own’ reporting for ad-hoc requirements. The advanced Business Intelligence platform is also an available option for additional performance management and analysis.

  • Easy tracking, management and recording of inspections.
  • All information stored in one location.
  • Can pull in data from other Lighthouse modules.
  • Simple classification of faults that determine failures.
  • Automated pass and failures according to set rules.
  • Triggers and assigns ‘actions’ to relevant users when a product fails.
  • Configurable ‘actions’ as a result of pass or fails.
  • User dashboards and workflows.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis.

Order Management and Shipment Management modules – new features!

Lighthouse 2.9 included some user interface enhancements to search features and reporting capabilities within the Order and Shipment Management modules. We have included an additional user interface for our client’s freight forwarders to enter shipment details directly info the system where automated integration capabilities are not possible or where the freight forwarder is not contracted on a full supply chain basis so will not be receiving product level data.

  • Improved search.
  • Improved reporting.
  • New freight forwarder shipment interface.

Contact us If you would a demo of any of our Lighthouse supply chain management modules or you would like more information, please get in touch.


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